Delle Donne Consort is a recorder ensemble, specialised in early music, in the meanwhile actively working on a new repertoire, using experimentation with Live Electronics.

The ensemble starts a process of critical reflection and reinvention and is continuously looking for dialogue as part of its discovery and development.

Frederike Van Lindt
Kinga Ludvai
Serena Agosto
Lieve De Sadeleer



Attraction and Repulsion

The influence of Villanelle Napolitane

Delle Donne Consort presents a polyphonic love story with a toxic twist. Through the program the different facets of love themes from the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance are shown through Neapolitan Villanelles and their unique influence throughout the Western music.


Cypriaan de Rore and the Flemish polyphonists

As one of the most influential composers in the history of madrigal, Cypriaan de Rore through emotionality, vividness, extravagant rhetorical gestures, and unusual chromatism expresses the richness of the Renaissance’s human feelings.


The Era of Josquin des Prez

Josquin des Prez was considered the greatest composer of his age, as a central figure of the Franco-Flemish school, his mastery of technique and expressions were truly inspirational and admired.



The Art of Imitation

The theory of imitation and expression is one of the most essential elements in the history of Western music. Imitation was regarded as a general principle of art, and art itself as an imitation of life.



Live Electronics


Collaborations with artists from different disciplines.



The performance Inquietudine - Restlessness describes the search for identity and one's own voice.




Goes Baroque

In collaboration with the dance department of the
Art Academy August De Boeck

Delle Donne Consort emerges as an accompanying baroque ensemble during the final exams of the dance students of the art academy of Asse.

02 June 2023


Festival Dag in de Branding 

Festival Dag in de Branding heralds this summer with an extra long and festive edition. This 67th edition of the festival is dedicated to the National Day of the Composer.

17 June 2023 


MA Festival: Vélo Baroque

Delle Donne Consort will perform the program Attraction and Repulsion, the influence of Villanelle Napolitane. The program itself is built around Villanelle Napolitane and their influence throughout the Western music.

06 August 2023



Klarafestival Box: Bozar

Delle Donne Consort plays intimate mini-concerts of 15 minutes between 16:00 and 19:00 in the Klarafestival BOX next to Bozar, Brussels. The mini-concerts are for free and visitors can book a time slot in advance.

04 March 2023


O dolce nocte - DDC ft. KalAido

The program itself is built around madrigals of the Venetian school, started by Adriaan Willaert. The core of the program revolves around pieces by the latter, his pupils Cypriano de Rore and Giaches de Wert

16 NOVEMBER 2022


ECOS- Early Music Festival

The six municipalities of the Sierra Espuña Territory (Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Librilla, Mula, Pliego and Totana) are preparing to host the VI edition of the Sierra Espuña International Early Music Festival ECOS.

3/09/2022 - 8/09/2022


Gala dinner at AMUZ - Private event

For the 12th international Conference on Cultural Policy research the University of Antwerp organises an exclusive gala dinner at the St. Augustinus Church, a deconsecrated baroque pearl in the heart of Antwerp, which today houses a concert hall for classical music. The music of the Delle Donne Consort, a unique female recorder ensemble.

21 SEPTEMBER 2022 -  Amuz - Kammenstraat 81, 2000 Antwerp


Museum Vleeshuis

For the cultural weekend in Antwerp on Sunday 28 August, the Delle Donne Consort will play three short concerts each of half an hour at 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00.

28 AUGUST 2022 -  Vleeshouwersstraat 38, 2000 Antwerp



Delle Donne Consort will bring a programm full of medieval royal dances. Zomerhappening is an accessible, artistic and free cultural festival for young and old, for small and large families, for the thick and the thin, and probably also for you!

15 AUGUST 2022 -  Nijdrop, Kloosterstraat 7/9, 1745 Opwijk


Private Event - Day of Flemish Community

In honor of the Flemish Holiday Delle Donne Consort has put together a varied program with the wonderful repertoire of composers from the Franco-Flemish school, also known as the Franco-Flemish Polyphonists

11 JULY 2022 -  Hall of mirrors - Brussels Parlement, Brussels



The performance Inquietudine - Restlessness describes the search for identity and one's own voice.

9 JULY 2022 - Domein Bergelen, Wevelgem



The performance Inquietudine - Restlessness describes the search for identity and one's own voice.

2 JULY 2022 - Fortstraat 35, 1060 Sint-Gillis



The art of imitation

9 APRIL 2022 - Sint-Martinuskerk of Bodegem


Klarafestival box: Bozar

Delle Donne Consort will give the best of themselves in the Klarafestival BOX during intimate mini-concerts lasting 15 minutes.

7 MARCH 2022 - Baron Horta street, Brussels


Concerts de midi

Thursday 30th of September at 12h30 in the hall of the Academy of Music in Anderlecht. Delle Donne Consort will perform pieces by Josquin des Prez, Cipriano de Rore, Francesco Mancini and Johann Sebastian Bach.

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 - Anderlecht, Belgium


The Art of Imitation

Polyphonic music of old Flemish and Italian masters such as Cypriaan de Rore-Josquin des Prez, Baroque music of Francesco Mancini and Johann Sebastian Bach, combined with contemporary music from Fulvio Caldini and Pieter De Vos.

21 JULI 2021 - Broechem, Belgium

Delle Donne Consort - Recorder Quartet

Venice in Vienna

Music History and even Art History in general have been written through the power of travels, exchanges, meetings and migrations. While the Franco-Flemish invaded the musical scene from the 15th till the 16th century, Italy became the absolute place to be in the 17th and 18th century.

25 JUNI 2021 - Brussels, Belgium


DIGITAL New Year's concert 2021

Celebrating New Year and the double Praetorius Anniversary: 450 years after his birth, 400 years after his death.

15 JAN 2021 - Brussels, Belgium


Festival Catharina

Cypriano de Rore and the Flemish Polyphonists.
Polyphonic music from Cyrpiano de Rore and other Flemish composers.

11 AUG 2020 - Brussels, Belgium


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