@Atelierconcerten Olivier Deprez

October 15, 2023 11:00 AM

Atelier Olivier Deprez

Frans Gevaertstraat 17, 9040 Gent

Attraction and Repulsion - The influence of Villanelle Napolitane + reading

Delle Donne Consort presents a polyphonic love story with a toxic twist. Through the program the different facets of love themes from the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance are shown through Neapolitan Villanelles and their unique influence throughout the Western music.

The villanelle originated in the 16th-century in Italy and became immensely popular in its time. Although the poem is based on a folk tradition, its musical form did not develop from a folk form, but was rather a reaction to the more sophisticated form of the madrigal. It was often a parody of popular madrigal texts and music. The word itself is derived from the mediaeval Latin ‘Villanus’ that could be translated as peasant or servant, which relates to its pastoral subject.

The romanticised love story always starts with a passionate but in a way naive attraction. This is now suddenly interrupted by an unexpected and disruptive repulsion. It sets off a series of emotions, starting very seriously and painfully with endless doubts and tragic love stories that are interspersed with sparkling pastoral scenes, silly word games and pure love.

Atelierconcerten works with the concept of 'pay what you can'. The standard price is €15. If you would like to give some extra support to the atelierconcerten and the ensemble, than you can pay €20. If that doesn't work, you are just as welcome for €10. Children up to 12 years old come for free and a drink is included.

Please send an email to Katrien.gaelens@gmail.com to secure your spot!