From Renaissance to Revolution

January 12, 2025 8:00 PM

CC Asse

Huinegem 4, 1730 Asse

Delle Donne Consort takes the audience on an engaging journey through various eras and styles of music history. From the enchanting sounds of Medieval dance music from the 14th century to the contemporary repertoire of modern composers such as Pieter De Vos and Fulvio Caldini, the program promises a rich variety of musical experiences.

DDC begins with a contemporary work by Pieter De Vos, called 'Die Verrückten,' where traditional elements meet modern expression. Next, the Renaissance is honored with works by composers such as Adrian Willaert, Cypriaan de Rore, and Luca Marenzio, each showcasing the richness of that period in their own way.

From there, the ensemble takes a leap to the Baroque period, with a captivating Italian concerto by Francesco Mancini. This is followed by a return to the Renaissance with pieces by Josquin des Prez and once again Cypriaan de Rore, demonstrating the depth and diversity of this era.

As a bridge between the past and present, the ensemble then presents a contemporary piece by Fulvio Caldini, 'Disco Fugue,' which explores the boundaries of musical imagination. The evening concludes with more enchanting Medieval dance music from Italy, leaving the audience with a sense of wonder and fulfillment from the diverse journey through the world of music they have experienced.