De Art of Imitation

21 JULI 2021 - 20u00

OLV Geboorte Kerk

Gemeenteplein 16, 2520 Broechem, Belgium

The Delle Donne Consort, in collaboration with our titular organist Pieter De Vos, put together the program: 'The art of imitations - Flemish and Italian masters, their influences over time'. Throughout a program based on the well-known masters of Flemish and Italian polyphony: Josquin Des Prez and Cypriaan de Rore, going over the baroque music of Francesco Mancini and Johann Sebastian Bach and culminating in the contemporary music of Fulvio Caldini and the world creation of 'Die Verrückten' by Pieter De Vos. This last work of music was written especially for the ensemble and subsequently dedicated to them


In collaboration with

Pieter De Vos
Fonds Dirk Snellings
Het Zilveren Orgel